“I have been training with Chris for a little over 3 months now, and he is by far the most serious trainer I have worked with. His workouts are thoughtful, challenging and never the same! He keeps you guessing and sweating. He is the perfect trainer if you are looking to take your workouts to the next level. Chris gets my highest recommendation for his knowledge and dedication to his profession."

Jacki F.

"My eldest son progressed so much with Chris that I decided to send my younger son to him as well. Chris' attention to detail in regards to form and strength building is remarkable. The individual attention that he gives each athlete is what separates Chris from the rest. Your child definitely won't walk away feeling that he/she is just one of the herd. I have already suggested Chris and his facility to others and I will continue to do so. Give him try, you won't be disappointed!"

Sherman B.

"Chris has been my trainer for 3+ years. As a former marine, he is always prompt, upbeat, and buttoned up. He is always increasing his knowledge of fitness and nutrition in formal education classes so he can bring the latest, safest and most effective techniques to our sessions. He is also quick to laugh, kind and thoughtful (while he's kicking my ass in a sweat-filled workout!!). He's outstanding!"

Julia K.

"If you need a push, he'll push you. If you have hit the wall and not sure which way to go to reach your fitness goal, he'll help you. He is tough and but it is worth the results. His attention to details is impeccable.

I had no idea that I was squatting, lunging and running improperly. My thighs hate it...but my buns look great in jeans. If you are looking for a great trainer that is going to give you the one on one attention that you need or want, then Chris is the one."

Lisa B.

"Chris is an amazing trainer with excellent knowledge of the human body and how it works. He knows how to push you to your limits but also when your body needs a rest. I have never left a workout with Chris and not been exhausted and felt like I had an excellent workout! I highly recommend him if you are looking for a knowledgable, friendly and hard working personal trainer with a heart of gold!"

Amanda B.

"I've known Chris for several years but it wasn't until this spring that I solicited his expertise in Personal Training to get me back in shape. At 37, size 14, with three children under the age of 10, it's safe to say I let my figure and my nutrition fall on the priority list. My 9 year old asked me to run in a 5k with her in May, and after I agreed to do so, I realized I was nowhere near prepared. That's where Chris comes in.

I spoke to Chris about my need to get in physical shape for this race and we had long discussions about what has worked for me in the past. Chris designed a workout plan that I would adopt on March 30th and would take me through to where I am today. The mix of strength training, interval cardio and better eating habits, has made a significant impact on my life. Most days my workout lasted about 30-40 minutes

Not only did I run that 5k, in three short months, I lost 20 pounds and went down to a size 10 jeans and size medium on top. The results are just amazing. I have so much more energy and I even sleep better! I'll be the first to tell you that it was hard in the beginning, but like anything else that you do repeatedly, it WILL become a habit. So much so that you will look for new ways to stay fit. The only catch is this - you must do the work - and let Chris keep you accountable to it.

Chris continues to challenge me with new workouts, and I even take Pilates twice a week at work now, voluntarily! The one area I could do better is my nutrition, but honestly, if I can achieve these results and still enjoy my favorites on the weekends I can keep this up (my current calorie intake M-F is around 1600, and I don't count or worry on the weekends). I'm so thrilled with Chris and his level of professionalism in helping me achieve my goals I can't describe it well enough. At the family 4th of July barbecue, the words "fantastic" and "amazing" were used to describe me and just last week at work someone actually used the phrase "skinny minny" when I walked into their office. More importantly, my confidence level is back up where it belongs."

Thanks, Chris, keep it coming!

Kathy W.