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What people say 

Lindsay Clarke, Towson University
Troy Stokes Jr., York Revolution
Isabella Peterson, JMU
Shannon Feeley, Monmouth University
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Wyatt L.

I cannot recommend Coach Chris and Resultz highly enough. My family has been training with them for more than 5 years. Chris and everyone on his team understands how to connect and motivate. Each workout is varied and engaging. Chris focuses on every aspect of training - strength, speed, mobility and most importantly injury prevention. My daughters have consistently used Resultz for off season training. They have been well prepared for their lacrosse seasons and have never suffered an injury. Most importantly, Chris treats all his athletes like family. He cares for everyone and is totally motivated by the success of athletes he trains.

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Chloe P.

Coach Chris and RSPT is hands down the best training and coaching I have ever received. His workouts mix between cardio and strength, but always leave me feeling accomplished. Coach Chris Palmer never fails to push me to become the best athlete and person I can be.

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Brett Y.

Chris personally cares about the success of your child. He is well educated on all of the latest and greatest techniques and routines for maximizing the training experience . If your child puts in the effort they will develope whats needed to become much better on the field or court. My daughter has trained with Chris for nearly 4 years and the progress has been beyond belief. Recently she tore her ACL and needed reconstructive surgery. After completing several months of PT she needed to be challenged. Her goal was to return to the field better than ever. Chris has developed a specific routine for her needs while she continues to train with the group . The progress has been incredible. With her hard work and the Resultz Sports Program there is no doubt she will achieve her goals. I recommend your child joining the Resultz Program where the Leadership truly cares.

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Dan F.

Coach Palmer is the best! As a student athlete, my daughter has trained with him from middle school and now through college. Seeing her results and progress I started training with him online during the pandemic. I now attend his 6:00 AM class 5 days a week and couldn’t be happier with my progress! He keeps me motivated and challenged everyday and I have also met a great group of people along the way!

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Michelle P.

Chris Palmer has really delivered Resultz for the Peterson family! The workouts are creative and tough. Chris really cares about the mechanics of the exercises so that you get the most out of them and helps to avoid injury. He also helps hold you accountable so that you achieve your goals. We have worked out with Chris for over 10 years and will continue to do so for years to come. He is the best!

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Audrey C.

I have been to Resultz for a little over a year now and I can’t believe I didn’t join earlier!!! This is the best I have felt. There are too many great things to say about coach Chris. He has made such a positive impact on my fitness journey! Would 10/10 recommend Resultz to anyone looking to improve their physical health!

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Jade G.

Coach Palmer is an awesome trainer! Since working out with RSPT I have lost over 100lbs and gained strength in ways I didn’t know I had in me! His support, encouragement, and knowledge has NO doubt helped me along this Journey!


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Sherman B.

My eldest son progressed so much with Chris that I decided to send my younger son to him as well. Chris' attention to detail in regards to form and strength building is remarkable. The individual attention that he gives each athlete is what separates Chris from the rest. Your child definitely won't walk away feeling that he/she is just one of the herd. I have already suggested Chris and his facility to others and I will continue to do so. Give him try, you won't be disappointed!

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Julia K.

Chris has been my trainer for 3+ years. As a former marine, he is always prompt, upbeat, and buttoned up. He is always increasing his knowledge of fitness and nutrition in formal education classes so he can bring the latest, safest and most effective techniques to our sessions. He is also quick to laugh, kind and thoughtful (while he's kicking my ass in a sweat-filled workout!!). He's outstanding!

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Elena E.

BEST COACH EVER!!! He has always encouraged me to work hard and never give up even when I’ve felt discouraged. He believes in everyone he coaches and helps to create great work ethics and strong athletes.

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Jane B.

I’m not sure there is enough room on Google reviews to describe Coach Chris’s talent. He is professional while being motivating, funny and relaxed. I have been working out with him for years, and have a strong and healthy body thanks to Chris. He makes sure I am challenged while teaching me/reminding me of proper form to stay safe. I have NEVER had a sports injury with Chris. Quite the opposite. Chris has skills and knowledge to strengthen any injury I’ve had from other sports. Don’t think twice- call Chris- if you are invested in your fitness, he will help you achieve your goals!

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Jill F.

I have been a loyal member of Resultz for 7 years. Now my high school daughter goes too. Chris Palmer is intense but he’s also deeply caring about his clients. His classes are challenging and help build strength and flexibility. He also seems to attract a really nice group of people. So it’s actually fun to work out at 6 am!

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Lisa B.

If you need a push, he'll push you. If you have hit the wall and not sure which way to go to reach your fitness goal, he'll help you. He is tough and but it is worth the results. His attention to details is impeccable.

I had no idea that I was squatting, lunging and running improperly. My thighs hate it...but my buns look great in jeans. If you are looking for a great trainer that is going to give you the one on one attention that you need or want, then Chris is the one.

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Amanda B.

"Chris is an amazing trainer with excellent knowledge of the human body and how it works. He knows how to push you to your limits but also when your body needs a rest. I have never left a workout with Chris and not been exhausted and felt like I had an excellent workout! I highly recommend him if you are looking for a knowledgable, friendly and hard working personal trainer with a heart of gold!"

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Pam B.

I began private training, two days per week, with Coach Chris in January 2016. Having swam competitively most of my life, I thought I was in shape, which I was, especially aerobically. What I didn't know was how many small (and large) muscle groups were actually "offline". Chris introduced me to my quads, hamstrings, glutes, core and the tiny muscles between my scapula (ouch, but it hurt so good). Six years later (and not one injury) I'm on the turf five to six mornings per week. My tennis game has improved, especially at the net. I'll ski six hours per day for six days straight at 10-12K feet without feeling fatigued or my quads feeling blown up. Chris has conditioned me SO well. I am so grateful and appreciative and can't imagine where I'd be without Resultz Sports Performance Training. I highly recommend all that he has to offer. Go get Resultz, now!

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