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Our mission is to provide a fast, fun, friendly, and inviting experience of HIGH quality training that meets the health, wellness, and fitness needs of the entire family. 

Our Story

In 2013 RESULTZ Sports Performance brought the energy and quickly became a fitness force in the Baltimore area. Resultz provided adult clients the expertise and support to make a healthy lifestyle change in a small group setting. A few months later, athletes of all levels were given access to professional coaching and attention for sport specific needs outside of their school gym class. Ten years later, Chris has cultivated a disciplined and safe place for both adults and performing athletes. There are no limits to getting Resultz. Stay focused, stay faithful and always be encouraged. 

What We Do & Who We Train

Adult Fitness- Reduce the potential for injury, increases flexibility, strength, power coordination and balance​.

Sports Performance- 7th-12th graders. Explosiveness and strength training. Running form, plyometrics, agilities, mobility, weight lifting, pre-habilitation. 

College Prep- college athletes home for winter break prepping for their spring season. Strength and conditioning training, plyometrics, agilities, mobility, weight lifting, pre-habilitation. 

Youth Fitness- 4th-6th graders. Learning running form, plyometrics, agilities, mobility, and beginning stages of weight lifting. 

Racquet Performance- Explosiveness, strength training, plyometrics, agilities, mobility, and pre-habilitation.

What do I do from here?

1) Click 'Book Now' to fill out some basic information about you

2) Ask questions and communicate your goals to a staff member

3) Book a free trail 

4) Make sure it's the right fit for you

5) Get Resultz!

Where are we located? 

1420 Clarkview Rd. Baltimore, MD 21209

Click map for directions

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